10 Souvenirs To Bring Home From Mauritius (MADE IN MAURITIUS)

Mauritian Authored Books

Mauritian Authored Books

Mauritius Dodo  Gift

Mauritius Dodo Gift

Mauritian Grown Cardamom Seeds

Mauritian Grown Cardamom Seeds

Made in Mauritius Rum

Made in Mauritius Rum

10 Souvenirs To Bring Home From Mauritius (MADE IN MAURITIUS)

Posted: 19/06/2017

Manioc Biscuits by Rault

The family biscuit factory Rault has been on the island for more than 140 years. The manufacturing of these biscuits is as from cassava. These dry and thin rusks are perfect for morning tea and an authentic gift to share.

Bois Cheri/Corson Tea

Bois Cheri tea plantation started in 1892. Mauritians traditionally have milk tea in the morning and in the afternoon. Flavours range from cardamom to vanilla and the tea tins are a perfect gift to share with tea lovers.


Both traditional and agricultural rums are great gifts to thrill cocktail drinkers.The manufacturing processes differ: traditional rum is made from the distillation of molasses while agricultural rum is made from the distillation of fermented cane juice.


From the dry demerara to dark muscavado in nicely-packaging, the unrefined sugar are ideal for baking and biscuit-making. The sugar industry has helped in the development of the island by being the economic pillar for decades.


Cardamom is a popular locally-grown spice found in Mauritian dishes and in desserts. A perfect gift to include with a locally written recipe book for a foodie.

Dodo (figurine & plush toy)

Dead as the dodo. Despite the extinction of the Dodo is a sad story to tell, it’s a way to learn about the history of Mauritius. Figurines and Plush toys are available in main supermarkets and souvenir shops.

Local publications

From Tikoulou travelling across Mauritius and in the Indian Ocean to recipe and photography books, bookworms will enjoy the immersive aspect of local books.

Crystallised Local Fruit

Got a sweet tooth? Take the exotic tastes with you. The large variety of crystallised fruit, ranging from guava to mango is a special treat to share...


Fleur de sel and salt harvested in the century-old salt pans are gifts that passionate cooks secretly like.

Ship models/ Local art

Handcrafted ship models of the finest quality can be purchased in workshops located in the centre and in the north of the island. Models vary and are available in different sizes and wood type.

Thoughtfully selected for you.

By A.V-TAYER.Mauritius.13th of June 2017


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