Court Pas Quest

Mauritian Giant Snail

Court Pas Quest

Posted: 20/02/2017


African Giant Land Snail

Commonly known as Courpa and sometimes spelt Court Pas literally translates not running, this local snail appears on rainy days. It can be spotted on trees, walls, rocks and windows leaving a slimy trail behind as it creeps. During the summer rains, as many of them would crawl out, kids enjoy catching them while farmers would hurl them metres away as they would eat the crops. They are impressive in size and do not look appetizing. They would sometimes lay their eggs on the ground which are yellowish and tiny baby snails in their cone-shaped transparent shell would loiter on stems and on large leaves of songes, a tropical plant growing in wet areas and in swamps. There is a decreasing number of these snails with the use of chemicals in fields and with intensive construction. They are seen as a pest in agriculture but they have long been playing companions of many in the past.

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