Tastes & buds - The Exotic Fruits Of Mauritius

Goyave de France

Goyave de France

Rose apples

Rose apples

Jamblons (a local plum)

Jamblons (a local plum)



Tastes & buds - The Exotic Fruits Of Mauritius

Posted: 05/06/2017

Exotic Fruits - Mauritius

Mark Twain referred to cherimoya as ‘the most delicious fruit known to men.’

Custard apple, rose apple, papaya or pawpaw, goyave de Chine (China guava), goyave de France (France guava)... no, none made up... we really have these fruits in Mauritius. By the way, we also have breadfruit, macons, jamblons, bibasse, coeur de boeuf (cherimoya), passion fruit, zatte, bilimbi, watermelon, fruit cythere (Spondias Dulcis), grapefruit among the most known tropical fruits mango, litchi, banana, lime, pineapple, tamarind, avocado and coconut.

As imported fruits over time have invaded the local stalls, people generally buy apples, oranges, plums and kiwis... However, imported fruits cannot replace the local ones for the making of chutneys and pickles. If you can’t find local fruits on the supermarkets’ shelves, visit the jam and pickle section: you will be amazed! A stroll in the bustling markets will as well lead you to local fruit vendors.

A.V-TAYER. Mauritius. 28th of May 2017


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