Accommodation in Mauritius

Explore Mauritius in 2018

Forget all you’ve heard about Mauritius. It is often described as an unaffordable destination with only five-star hotels fringing the white stretches of its coastline.

Well, Mauritius is also about charming villages nearby sandy beaches with guest houses, B&Bs and a whole list of stylish hideaways on rental. There is a wide choice of villas and apartments with private pools by golf courses, in the forests, at the foot of mountains close to the beach or short drives away from fabulous beaches.

Self-catering accommodation offers the possibility to taste the local cuisine, to enjoy the warm local atmosphere, to meet local people and explore local culture differently. It’s about embarking on a journey like no other. You can explore Mauritius at your own pace and seek for affordable tours at the local tour operators.

Create your perfect Mauritius holiday with allinmauritius​.com offering a wide choice of places to stay suiting your interests and your budget.

A.V-TAYER – January  2018.  All in Mauritius.