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Gymkhana Golf Course

The first golf club in Mauritius, Gymkhana was founded in 1844 during the British period and it looks like it’s the world’s fourth oldest! Today the 26th of February, the Mauritius Gymkhana Club, located in… Read More »

The Treetop Adventure In Mauritius

Located in the East Coast of  Mauritius, within the district of Flaq, L’Ile aux Cerfs is one of the most beautiful and breathtaking sites of the Island that is situated within the Trou d’Eau Douce Lagoon. Located… Read More »

Citadel Fort Mauritius

The Historical Citadel Fort is located about 100 meters high on the hill of Petite Montague, and has become one of Mauritius historical attractions. The Fort, which is also knowned as the Adelaide Fort (named after the wife… Read More »

Curepipe Botanic Gardens

The Curepipe Botanic Gardens is the second largest botanical gardens in Mauritius. The gardens,with it’s informal layout, has a river, lake and the world’s rarest palm tree as its attraction. Established in 1870, the Gardens… Read More »

Frederica Nature Reserve Mauritius

Frederica Nature Reserve Mauritius is a two thousand five hundred hectares of natural reserve situated in the south-west of Mauritius. Created in 1765, the estate pays tribute to the past & present where nature and… Read More »

Mauritius Sea Kart Adventures

Are you on vacation and looking for fun things to do in Mauritius? Are you ready for some excitement and thrill?  Then don’t miss out on the ultimate watersport, the Sea kart ride. Picture yourself… Read More »

Horse Riding In Mauritius

Do you love horses? Looking to go horse riding while in Mauritius? Whether you can already ride or are just a beginner, Horse Riding Delights is the place to visit! Located in Mont Choisy, near… Read More »

Tea Tour At Bois Chéri

Mauritius Tea Tour Bois Chéri is the first tea plantation in Mauritius and dates back to 1892. A guide will lead you through the factory and the tea plantation, offering you to discover the history,… Read More »

Casela Nature and Leisure Park

Casela Nature and Leisure Park is one of the many fun-filled Mauritius park that is located in the Western part of the island. The Park is covered by 14 hectares of lush green which is… Read More »

Salt Pans At Tamarin Mauritius

Located at Tamarin Mauritius, the Salt Pans @ La Saline Mauritius, is a must visit attraction when one is visiting this beautiful island. The Salt Pans can be found in a small village area on… Read More »

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