Citadel Fort Mauritius

The Historical Citadel Fort is located about 100 meters high on the hill of Petite Montague, and has become one of Mauritius historical attractions.

The Fort, which is also knowned as the Adelaide Fort (named after the wife of William II, when the British held land in Port Louis), offers stunning views of the entire city of Port Louis as well at the harbour.

The Fort was constructed in the early 19th century by Colonel Cunningham as an attempt to protect the British Army from the enemy. 

Its constructed in a Moorish style, complete with horse shoe arches. The fort has been constructed using large rectangular blocks. 

The Fort has now been converted into a National Monument and is surrounded by the Caudan Water Front and the vast Indian Ocean. 

To this day, Citadel Fort has remained as one of the Island’s must-see tourist destination due to its breathtaking views and colorful history.

The Fort is open daily from 8 am to 8 pm and entrance fee is priced at Rs.50

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