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At NOMAD kite surfing school, our goal is to help you discover kite surfing in a convivial atmosphere.

Learning to kite surf is a fun thing to do as a hobby or a way of passing time.

We channel all our energy and our expertise to make help create the unique moments and thrill of kite surfing.

Based in the extreme south west of Mauritius on the peninsula of Le Morne Brabant, our kite school is open every day and all year round.

Mauritius is situated in the Indian Ocean , just above the Tropic of Capricorn, 900 km east of Madagascar and is part of ‘Mascarene archipelago in the name of the Portuguese navigator Pedro Mascarenhas who explored them.

Surrounded by a beautiful coral reef, Mauritius is a paradise for all water sports and particularly kite surfing .

The trade wind, the wind that comes from southeast tempers the tropical climate of the island and breath regularly 12 to 25 knots.

The different spots offer a varied kite boarding, shallow water in the lagoon for the initiation and development while the reef waves along the reef offer a vast playground for the more advanced.

About Nomad

Nomad Kite School was formed in 2006 in Morne. All instructors are certified IKO (International Kite boarding Organization), an association that trains instructors around the world and promotes a healthy practice and safe kite surfing lessons through standards.

Our experience allows us to offer quality education by adapting to your needs, your progress and your level. We develop our activity by favoring a human structure away from the big sports centers. Our team is solid and is based on strong human relations in our work and in the relationships we have with other local providers.

Chloe, our manager and coach, will bring you all the necessary information needed for the success of your internship.

Riccardo has all the qualities of an excellent kite instructor: patient, available, thorough in his explanations and he helps to restore confidence in bid to help you to progress.

Kevin is our monitor. Always positive, never beaten, he accompanies you throughout your training with a dose of energy which he alone has the secret to.

Arvind, the lucky star is our assistant on the beach who helps you and assist you in every step of your learning. He handles security on the beach as well as maintenance of the equipments on use.

Onda is our massive weapon against boredom and no wind, the only dog capable of playing six consecutive hours in the water with a stick!
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