Les Mariannes Wellness Sanctuary

At Les Mariannes Wellness Sanctuary, we believe that a human being is a mind –body complex that has a complete inbuilt system of self-healing that can make him recover his health at all times. However when blockages occur in this inbuilt programme, then disease sets in.

Our mission at Les Mariannes is to use evidence based treatments and therapies, in order to provide means for the body to unlock its full healing abilities and maintain the health for long and lasting years.

We aim to provide the right set of tools to everyone to maintain their own health naturally.

It’s not always about fixing what is broken. It’s all about starting over and crafting something better using your own God- given healing energy.

Les Mariannes Philosophy

Les Mariannes Wellness Sanctuary in developing treatment programs is that patients must enjoy the interaction with the health professional, and develop a self-improvement program at all levels: physical-emotional- spiritual.

On the physical level, patients have daily programs-fitness, swimming, walking or jogging.

At the mental- emotional level we are looking at “mind Engineering” with psychology, psychotherapy, counseling, CBT, 12 step counseling, meditation, mindfulness.

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