Salt Pans At Tamarin Mauritius

Located at Tamarin Mauritius, the Salt Pans @ La Saline Mauritius, is a must visit attraction when one is visiting this beautiful island.

The Salt Pans can be found in a small village area on the west coast of the island.

The hot and dry environment provides the perfect conditions for salt making thus making Tamarin one of Mauritius foremost salt makers.

These salts, the oldest on the island, dates back to the French period when salt was a vital substance especially to protect the meat ships.

Over 30 hectares of the area is now devoted to the making of salt with the ability to produce 2 500 tonnes per year, which has gone of to represent a third of the country’s total production.

Although we live in modern times, salt making at the salt pans in Tamarin are still done in the ways of old.

Water is pumped directly from the nearby sea and left to evaporate into basins.

Each year from six in the morning, between June and December, the women will walk through the salt marshes while carrying wicker baskets on their heads, filled with salt.
Location : Tamarin, Black River

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