“SOLAR” Undersea Walk

Undersea Walk In Mauritius

Don’t like having a diving mask pressing on your face? Can’t see under water without your glasses? Not a swimmer? Afraid of water? Just curious to see what it’s like underwater?

If you’ve answered “yes” to any of the above, then Undersea Walk is the perfect and easy way to allow you and your family to experience the underwater world together. You will be in all security in 3m of water for minimum 20 minutes.

We have added some games to the Undersea walk (under supervision) :-
1. Jump to reach the surface.
2. Twirl on the way to the surface.
3. Honeymoon couples may remove their helmet and kiss each other.
From Monday to Saturday we have regular departures from our kiosk in the heart of Grand Bay (next to the well known Banana Bar) going out to our Solar Powered dive platform- UNIQUE IN THE WORLD!
“Make a booking now and take a walk on the wet side.”

Company History

Undersea Walk Ltd pioneered this activity in the Indian Ocean in Mauritius in 1989. In 1999 we went Solar – designing the world’s first solar powered diving activity.

13 years later our platforms at Undersea Walk are still the only solar powered diving units in Mauritius. Using solar power not only helps preserve the marine environment but by not using petrol or oil it also allows us to deliver the cleanest fresh air to each of the helmets worn by the undersea explorers via our oil free electric compressors.

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