The Mauritius Seashells Museum

The Seashells Museum in Mauritius is a product of The Collection of Eric le Court.

This impressive collection begun when in 1960, after a cyclone, Eric’s parents began to collect shells all around the beaches of Mauritius.

With a collection of more than 8,000 shells of Mauritius and other countries, Eric wants to share his passion with others hence the Seashells Museum was created to give a chance to everyone to discover these marvels of nature.

More the 8,000 seashells are displayed in the museum and some 1,500 species are represented.

The room is air conditioned, and a soft music welcomes you. The atmosphere is cool and peaceful.

You can walk around the 68 display cabinets leisurely and perhaps hear Philippe Geluck say to you – “If you pick up a shell and bring it to your ear, you will hear the sea. If you bring it to you chest, it will listen to your heart”.

General  Information :

The  museum  is  open  from 
Monday  to  Saturday  –  9.30  am  to  6.00  pm 
and  on  public holidays  to  9.30  am  to  2.00  pm

Rates  :

Adult  :  Rs  250

Children  up  to  17  years  old  :  Rs  125

Address :

Ruisseau  Créole La  Mivoie, Black  River, Mauritius

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