Alooda: A refreshing drink or ​Mauritian afternoon tea


Alooda: A refreshing drink or ​Mauritian afternoon tea

Posted: 18/04/2018

Alooda, lemon juice, tamarind juice and Panakon.

Alooda: A refreshing drink or ​Mauritian afternoon tea

Among popular local drinks in Mauritius, Alooda is one of the most appreciated by both

Mauritians and visitors.

If you plan to go to Port-Louis market, make sure you stop at Alooda Pillay, a family stall

selling the best Alooda in town, served with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream.

What is Alooda?

Alooda is a cold dairy drink, made with boiled milk and basil seeds. Once basil seeds are in

touch with any liquid, they are wrapped in a gelatinous layer. They are known for their

various health benefits much used in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine. They give the special

texture if we may call it so to the drink. To thicken the drink, some top it with a scoop (or two)

of vanilla ice-cream. Alooda is usually drunk on summer days, chilled and served with ice. It

is also served during Indian and Muslim festivities.

Lemon juice, tamarind juice and panakon

Besides Alooda, lemon juice and tamarind juice are also popular but lighter summer drinks.

Sometimes, it is also possible to have a combination of both, a Tamil speciality served on

Cavadee processions, called Panakon. If you are looking for vegan drinks, you’ll enjoy these

two. You can taste these whenever you are out in Port-Louis market.

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