Creole Cuisine

Mauritius Local Cuisine

Mauritius Local Cuisine

Creole Cuisine

Posted: 01/07/2018

Creole cuisine in Mauritius is referred to the local cuisine which is a fusion of European, Indian, African, Chinese cuisines. The flavours in the local cuisine reflect the rich diversity of the Mauritian population who landed some two hundred years ago during French then British period.

Local Specialties

The popular specialties are boulettes, which are vegetable balls, meat balls and fish balls, served in a broth and sprinkled with chives. They can be eaten practically anywhere and are cheap. For a heavier meal, you might want to opt for a briani, served with fish, chicken, beef, lamb or vegetarian. It consists of rice with spices cooked for a long time with meat or fish. In most markets and in the capital city, you can easily find a briani seller. It is accompanied with cucumber salad and salsa. If you like Indian food, you’ll enjoy the Mauritian cuisine, which is a milder version of curries and stews.Try our dholl puri and roti, which are savoury pancakes with curry and vegetables. By the side of the street, in most places, you will spot shacks selling them and they are always served with a smile.

Typical daily Creole food in the Mauritian kitchen consists of rice, pulses, salted fish, rougaille (cooked tomato sauce often with vegetables, meat or fish), vindaye (fish in mustard seeds, garlic and turmeric sauce), brede (leafy vegetables) and many more.

You can also find foreign cuisines across the island but particularly in big cities: sushi restaurants, pizzerias, Lebanese restaurants, Indian restaurants among others.

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