Le Morne Mauritius

Kite Boarding Spot

Kite Boarding Spot

Le Morne Beach Mauritius

Le Morne Beach Mauritius

Kite Surfing At Le Morne Beach Mauritius

Kite Surfing At Le Morne Beach Mauritius

Le Morne Mauritius

Posted: 20/04/2017

Slave Route - a Chapter on Black History

Le Morne mountain rising 556 metres above sea level was added on the Unesco World Heritage list in 2008.

Le Morne mountain acted as a shelter for maroon slaves and is a symbol of fight for freedom. Oral evidence explains that when the slaves saw officers in uniform coming, they jumped over the cliffs to put an end to their lives. However the officers were there to announce the abolition of slavery...

Slaves were brought to Mauritius for its development during the French and British colonisation period, from Africa, Madagascar and India.

The Slave Route starts down in Le Morne which is right after Coteau Raffin village to the tip of the Peninsula and round Le Morne mountain, where a path leads to the mountain which is accessible to visitors. It is possible to climb the mountain and the view from the peak is just breathtaking. Amidst greenery, it overlooks the ocean, awakening a deep feeling of freedom.

Le Morne Beach

At the foot of the mountain on the beach side, there is a commemoration area with sculptures which is open to the public from Monday to Sunday mid-day. Le Morne beach remains a must-see. The white sandy beach has the mountain in the background and further down, kites punctuate the sky at the best kiteboarding spots. Surfing on One Eye wave is a unique experience and the Manawa reef is just indescribable. The best winds seem to call from May to October. A few mobile kitesurfing schools are present on the beach during the day for equipment rental and classes.

One more item to add on your bucket list when visiting Mauritius.

Practical Information

More info about the history of Le Morne on www.lemorneheritage.org

Open from Monday to Saturday: 09:30 - 16:00

Sunday: 09:30 - 12:30

Free entrance

By:A.V-TAYER, 16th of April 2017.

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