Meet​ ​with​ ​Francis​ ​Poulmaire​ ​and​ ​Vincent​ ​Lenette

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Meet​ ​with​ ​Francis​ ​Poulmaire​ ​and​ ​Vincent​ ​Lenette

Posted: 19/09/2017

17 youngsters from public schools have been chosen to join golf schools through a sponsorship programme entitled Golf for All, developed by passionate Francis and Vincent. A time where they should be sipping whiskey and reading papers, they are driving around  the island to sponsor young people willing to join the Mauritius Golf Federation Junior. The initiative has proven to be successful thanks to the generous sponsors who believe in driving the best from the local youth. As Francis relates passionately the visits at the local high schools, Vincent adds that all this also happens with the collaboration of the golf academies like Heritage Golf in the south, Anahita Golf and Spa and Avalon Golf.

Besides being an inclusive programme, it also aims to create access to golf. It would be unfortunate to be surrounded by luxury golf clubs around the island accessible only to a few who can afford the facilities. The sponsorship programme consists of providing golf shoes, clothing, equipment, transport to and from classes and classes delivered by highly qualified coaches, the MGF license and access to local tournaments. Isn’t that a great story?

If you want to meet with Francis and Vincent to be part of this adventure, visit their facebook page The Mauritius Golf Federation "JUNIOR" and drop them an email to show your support. The more the merrier.

A.V-TAYER -September, 2017.Mauritius.

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