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Rodrigues Island - The Secret Getaway

Posted: 13/03/2017


The secret getaway

Drifted to the coast of Plaines Corail in the roaring of the engines of an ATR 42, time stops, the journey starts... Welcome to Rodrigues Island! Rodrigues is located at about 570km from the east coast of Mauritius and has a lagoon that covers more than 200 square kilometres offering unique snorkelling and diving experiences and much more.

The narrow roads through Grande Montagne, Trois Soleils, Port- Mathurin, Oyster Bay lead you to experiences that awaken your soul.

A fire engine stops to pick up two hitchhikers, as an old smiling lady weaves her basket from the pile of straws lying by her side. Two young girls lean on the glass counter of their iron shop to chat amidst jars of pickles and hanging sausages. The fishmonger honks on his motorbike sagging under the weight of the fish load. School children with their backpacks run laughingly home.

An exotic destination

Rodriguans live mainly on farming, fishing and tourism. Guest houses and small hotels are at affordable rates. Rodrigues remains one of the rarest destinations in the world where it’s free of traffic jam. There is a strong will to keep the country free from plastic. The people are generally very friendly and hospitable. Guest rooms and bungalows are at affordable rates but the service is not always up to the mark. Restaurants offer local cuisine which comprises of rice and corn served with local kidney beans and fish or octopus. The Kono Kono salad is a local seafood speciality. One of the best places to eat in the North-East at St. Francois is at the beach shack owned by Robert and Solange. Sitting on the logs in the shade of the thatched roof, with your feet in the sand, there is a real feeling of island life as the mouth-watering grilled lobsters and fish accompanied with pawpaw salad reach your table with a glass of chilled beer. The place is often packed and early birds turn up around eleven to grab a seat after their morning swim.

A thousand shades...

The road to Port Sud-Est crosses tiny farming villages. Cows and flocks of sheep loiter on surrounding fields overlooking a stunning lagoon. As a French paper termed it, Rodrigues is a country with a lagoon having a thousand shades...of blue. Down in Port Sud-Est, in July and August, the show is on. The sky is spotted with colourful kites. At this time of the year,

the weather is quite windy setting the perfect conditions for the International Kite Surf Festival.

More about Rodrigues in Chapter Two. Stay tuned.

Copyright for 2017

By A-V Tayer

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