Zero Waste...with Bea Johnson

Bea Johnson: Author of Zero Waste Home

Bea Johnson: Author of Zero Waste Home

Zero Waste...with Bea Johnson

Posted: 16/05/2017

Zero Waste...with Bea Johnson

Bea Johnson gave a talk on her tips on Thursday 11th of May at the Trianon Convention Centre on a Zero Waste Home and explained her experience since 2008 in trying to lead a zero waste lifestyle.

Bea Johnson is French and lives in the US with her husband and her two children. She travels the world spreading the word... Their waste over a year fits in a mason jar! Organic wastes are recycled, they say NO to plastic, no to plastic containers and use cloth bags for shopping and buy in bulk. Yes, it looks like we can buy in bulk anywhere (and we can too in Mauritius). Bea brings her mason jars to carry the meat she buys, uses her bottles to buy fresh orange juice and opt for glass containers to store her food and she also makes her own makeup (cocoa powder for blush!) and gets her foundation cream at a local store, a way to support local industries. She had been using bicarb and vinegar to wash her hair, but that failed to keep the glamour!

Sharing economy and circular economy are two of the main principles on which her lifestyle is based. She rents out her house when on holidays and buys her clothing and anything she really needs on Ebay. She makes sure she gets things that have been once worn or which are at least second-hand.

She ended her talk by adding that many say that she can lead a (almost) zero waste life as she is American, but it looks like Americans say that she can do so because she lives in California and people in California, says Oh! it’s because she lives in San Francisco and it seems that those who live in San Francisco say that it’s because she is French... any more excuses? Time for a greener Mauritius. This talk was very inspiring and it is sad that waste management is not of high priority yet here.

Her visit to the island was sponsored by MCB, a local bank, endeavouring to go green. A few hundreds local residents and expatriates turned up, among whom, Bea’s followers on Instagram and those who have read her book: A Zero Waste Home, mentioning her 5 rules to get started.

I tried applying her first principle today: REFUSE

Veronique at the supermarket in Cascavelle (on the west coast) smiled upon my request NO TO PLASTIC and she was very keen to pack my ham in paper only and managed to do so.

Small step matters...

BY A.V-TAYER, Mauritius. 15th of May 2017.

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