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A day at Bagatelle Mall

A day at Bagatelle Mall   BAGATELLE MALL OF MAURITIUS Bagatelle Mall seems to be the place to be for many Mauritians. There are some trendy cafes, a few nice shops, bowling and a movie… Read More »

10 Souvenirs To Bring Home From Mauritius (MADE IN MAURITIUS)

Manioc Biscuits by Rault The family biscuit factory Rault has been on the island for more than 140 years. The manufacturing of these biscuits is as from cassava. These dry and thin rusks are perfect… Read More »


A thousand sets of collectibles : antique & vintage Bicycles, movie tickets, rickshaws, train parts, telephones, posters, toys, a Bedford van, copper utensils, beer bottles, bottle caps, fountains, hats, picture cameras are among the sets… Read More »

Tattoo & Art

AllinMauritius interviewed famous local tattoo artist, Ricardo Barbe also known as Rick. We talked to the man behind the tattoo machine. Rick tells us about his passion for contemporary art and body painting. Now very… Read More »

Fish And Their Stories

The old man and the fish  In the old days, Bahim would sell fish in town, more exactly in La Louise Quatre-Bornes after collecting them from the fishermen in the west coast of the island.… Read More »

Mauritius Central Market

The central market is one of the most visited place in Mauritius by locals and tourists. It is vibrant and located in heart of the capital Port Louis. The multicultural society mingle with the tourist… Read More »

Stepping into Dodo Sandals

Where would you wear Dodo sandals? Can that question ever appear in a quiz show? Why not? And let’s say it can, would you choose to call a friend or rely on the remaining strands… Read More »

An Edible Story – Cheap eats in Mauritius

Quatre-Bornes Food Market Open on Wednesday and Saturday 06:00 – 17:00   Quatre-Bornes, the market town. The Quatre-Bornes market is more than a place to buy food.  Nestled in the city centre right across the… Read More »

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