China Town Food and Cultural Festival



The two-day festival started on Saturday 5 th of May with an opening ceremony followed by

performers from China and Malaysia. All took place in Chinatown in Port-Louis, the Capital City.

Lion dance and more

Street food stalls on both sides of streets attracted a swarm of visitors and foodies from various

parts of the island. Now and then, lion-dance performers weaved their way through the crowds

followed by artists playing traditional Chinese drum. Red lanterns lit the sky and at a corner of a

street, passers-by stopped to sing on karaoke songs.

Chinese Food Feast

Among the Chinese delicacies, there were sweet food: deep fried sesame cakes, meat bao, fried

noodles, dim sum, meat and vegetable balls, fried rice, prawn crisps, pork briani (that sounded

pretty strange) but that stall that the longest queue! Our favourite were crispy chicken, crispy

calamari and the thin and long spring rolls.

Chinatown by night

Shops generally close late afternoon in the Capital City as it is mostly visited by commuters. So, it is a

different experience walking in the streets in Port-Louis at night. They turned out to be like cabinets

of curiosities. Things that do not generally draw attention were the most visible: the hanging

balconies of old Chinese restaurants, the street art, tiny scenes in the narrow corridors leading to the

backyards etc…

It was worth a visit.

Brought to you by AIM. Mauritius, May 2018.