Fish And Their Stories

The old man and the fish

 In the old days,
Bahim would sell fish in town, more exactly in La Louise Quatre-Bornes after
collecting them from the fishermen in the west coast of the island. He would
journey them down in fibre baskets on buses. With time, he became very popular.
He later bought a motorcycle to ease the transportation of fresh fish and over
the course of time, a van replaced his two-wheeled means of transport.  Bahim started his business in 1973 and after
his death, his brother and sons took over, expanded it into what is today,
Noulamer. The management and operation team is composed of 13 persons and the
business involves more than a hundred stakeholders from boat owners to
fishmongers. Noulamer offers both fish wholesaling and retailing. Noulamer has
a stall in the Quatre-Bornes market and one at the Super-U supermarket in
Belle-Rose and they will soon open another one up north, in La Croisette in
Grand-Bay. The determination to democratise good food inspires Ziad, the
company Manager. He is working on an interesting project which is a study of
the nutritional value of tropical fish.

Fish and their stories…

 It is true that
many visitors are often disappointed of not finding any fresh fish in the
coastal villages in Mauritius and are surprised that most of the fish in the
supermarket are imported. (Doesn’t that sound fishy?). However most main
markets across the island have a fish section with an array of local fish. The
common ones that are displayed on fish stalls are korn, viel rouz, dorado, cateau, rouget, carangue …and many more
that are cooked according to traditional recipes. Restaurants on the island
offer the holy trinity, rice, fish curry and salad, island variations of fish
and chips and fish with sweet and sour sauce. Food trucks in cities and market
food stalls have fish briani, one of
the most loved dishes you’ll be happily shoveling into your mouth.

handy informational booklet: Fishes of
Mauritius Island

 A comprehensive
booklet available in most bookshops and magazine corner of local supermarkets,
illustrates pictures of local fish indicating whether they are safe for
consumption or not. Isn’t that a bright idea? This booklet was initially launched
for divers by two passionate divers, Olivier and Fadi, so that they could name
what they see underwater but it has now become a handy tool for cooks and an
educational one for fish lovers. It is available in French English and
Mandarin. The waterproof version can be purchased in main diving centres and
  across the island.

Practical Information:

Fresh fish

Noulamer –
Ibrahim Hosany Company Ltd


Opening hours of
Super-U, Belle-Rose

Mon – Thurs 09:00
– 20:30

Fri – Sat       09:00 – 21:30

Sunday        09:00 -16:30

 The cost for a
kilo of fish starts from £6-7 a kilo.


Fishes of
Mauritius Island
publication of Kenzievolve Ltd
( available
at main bookshops in Mauritius.

 Bookcourt Ltd



Waterfront, Port-Louis



Cap Tamarin


 By: A.V-TAYER, 10th of April 2017

courtesy of Noulamer and Kenzievolve Ltd