Le Barbu Bistrot

Le Barbu Bistrot

Arcade Currimjee



Food for the soul!

Quick service, trendy atmosphere, warm welcome…

Allinmauritius tested Le Barbu Bistrot today. They ticked all the boxes. From food quality to value for money, we highly recommend this new address. It is located in a stone building adjacent to a few other eateries with scrumptious-looking cupcakes on the counters and smiling waitresses dressed in nice aprons behind clean shop windows… for some seconds we felt the dynamism of Spitalfields in the air. We also appreciated the setting and it looks like it’s the place to be in Curepipe! It is an urban-chic escape from the beach shacks and the restaurants located in the coastal areas, a different sight from sandy flip-flops, wet towels and starfish and nets hanging on walls.

We tried the burger, which delicately sat with a crispy slice of bacon on pieces of fresh avocado, onions and lettuce, sandwiched in a well-baked bun (bet it’s a French recipe!). We also ordered the vegetarian ‘Baguette Magique’ (French for ‘Wand’) – two fresh sesame buns filled with thinly-sliced grilled carrots, aubergines, pickled tomatoes, lettuce and a homemade mayonnaise served on a wooden board landed on the table in less than ten minutes! The only words we could utter were Bon Appetit! We were also delighted by the fresh juice and locally-brewed beer.


Here is some useful info:

Cost: Drinks cost as from £2.50

The Barbu Burger is at £8.00

The Baguette Magique is around £5.00


Tested for you. Allinmauritius. December 2017.