Mauritius celebrates its 50th anniversary of independence!

 Mauritius and its stories

Oh yes!
Mauritius was once a British colony. Prior to British colonisation, it was a
French colony…which explains why Mauritians speak mostly Creole and French. However,
English remains widespread in the administration and is used in the Parliament.
Other languages spoken in Mauritius are Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, Telugu, Urdu and
Chinese. Well, these languages are taught in public schools and are used as a
cultural heritage expressed through drama, songs and events on special
celebrations. The languages represent the diversity of the Mauritian population
and reflect their origins. In 1968, Mauritius gained its independence. Some
economists thought that the island would undergo serious economic problems and
sink in poverty. Others believed that through diversity it could thrive. Agriculture
was then the sole economic pillar. Through diversification, the textile
industry became a second pillar absorbing a large portion of principally female
workers. At that same time, schooling became free. The tourism sector was
developed followed by the building of road networks and industrial zones. And
today, Mauritius relies on a diversified economy but has much to consider in
terms of environmental impact and security.


of March 1968- 12th of March 2018

On the 9th
of March, all Mauritian students across all schools proudly waved their flags
bearing the four colours: red, blue, yellow and green and sang the National
Anthem, Motherland, written by Jean George Prosper. The Independence Day of
Mauritius is on the 12th of March. This year, the celebration was spectacular,
with 400 artists on stage in Champ de Mars, where the official ceremony of
Independence took place in 1968.  The guest
of honour this year was India’s Prime President, Ram Nath Kovind. The 50th
anniversary of Independence means much for Mauritians in many spheres:
education, employment, health, transport, women’s rights…



The spectacular
show Spectacle Populaire, that took
place in Champ de Mars on March 12th, can be viewed on the following


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