Mont Choisy Golf


We are a positive team and we generally share positive comments, but this place is quite difficult to access and the coordinates that you may find online are not at all reliable. We have reported this issue to the Golf Manager and we remain hopeful that they will see to it.

On the other hand (we finally reached there!), the driveway is quite awkward, but we were amazed by the restaurant which opens on a large garden, a pond and on the golf course. They have a nice menu card at very affordable prices. We noticed that the chef made use of very fresh ingredients and that the waiters are well-trained and are very welcoming, moreover the service is pleasantly satisfactory.

You may have to give a ring to book if you intend to play golf.

We would also like to add that the beach that is adjacent to the golf course is amazing. It’s a long stretch of white sandy beach over, probably 1 kilometre (more or less) but that seem to get crowded on week-ends. So, if you are there on a week day, you can combine beach time and golfing.

Practical information:

T +230 260 1000

AIM. Mauritius. October 2018