Sensational Dolphin Watch in the Mauritian Seas…

Welcome on board!

Diraj, our skipper and guide from the Ocean Divers team welcomes us and carries out the briefing for safety on board. At 6:30am, we are all a bit sleepy as the motor boat sets off. Wait a minute, where is Diraj taking us? We were all expecting to go to Tamarin, south-westerly…

We are now nearing a well-preserved place dominated by waterfalls and green cliffs, the show seems imminent. A pod of dolphins appears in the distance. The engine is switched off. Silence invades and we await them to show up closer. As more pods with two babies appear on each side of the boat, a feeling of both serenity and delight fills us.

Another boat appears with two snorkelling divers who seem to be more acquainted with the species. They swim alongside the dolphins synchronously. Here, people seem to keep that place secretly for nature lovers. Boats are kept aloof and there is no wild excitement on board. The show is on with swirls, leaps, whistles, twirls…. It’s a unique experience. All eyes are glued on these amazing social creatures performing in unity.

Wild West or Wild Wild West…

New legislations forbid seacrafts to roar their engines close to the dolphins and tourists are requested to respect the animals. However, there is practically no enforcement and most boats are crammed with over-excited and noisy swimmers jumping out of their boats all at a time, a sad and irritating sight.

Diraj further explains that it matters to his team that we all respect the ocean and its creatures and as passionate divers, they also organise diving tours and unfortunately, over the past two decades, they have been witnessing a disastrous change in the marine ecosystem. Corals are dying, there are fewer fish in the lagoon and there is poor law enforcement and low observance.

It’s been, what we call an eventful morning!

Practical Information

Going out at sea depends much on the weather conditions. It is very much likely that boat trips are postponed in summer as it is also time when tropical depressions and storms are more frequent. Ocean Divers Ltd is located in Flic en Flac, close to the landing station (La Débarcadère). It is a small family business run by Ravi and his uncle. They can be reached on +230 57505675. Meeting and drop-off point is at the landing station. Upon request, they also provide a pick-up and drop-off service in the vicinity.

By: A.V-TAYER, 26th of March, 2017.