Summer is back!

Summer is back!  After four months of a windy and grey season, the warm weather is back. The sky is blue and bright, the beaches are filled with holidaymakers and Mauritian families. Summer season in Mauritius is special as fruit trees are laden with fruits: mangoes, papayas, guavas, litchis and many more.

The price of litchis has skyrocketed over the past five years. With a growing demand among tourists and the invasion of bats, the production of litchis is lower.

Mauritius is also very colourful at this time of the year. Colours we see only in summertime. People are out in food courts, in the markets, hawkers have their baskets and display carts filled with colourful goodies, ice-cream sellers drive around with their music on, fruits are put out on trays on balconies to be sun-dried, flame trees lining up the streets blossom…

Colours of Mauritius. Brought to you by AIM. November 2018