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AllinMauritius interviewed famous local tattoo artist, Ricardo Barbe also known as Rick.

We talked to the man behind the tattoo machine. Rick tells us about his passion for contemporary art and body painting.

Now very active in the tattoo scene, Rick has spent some time in Italy after his encounter with a famous Italian tattoo artist, for some formal training before opening his tattoo studio in Beau-Bassin, a decade ago. Rick started body painting in nightclubs and operated from his home studio. That is how he developed a liking for tattoo. He chats about his trip to Italy. His creativity goes beyond body art and extends to sculpture and painting. He feels inspired by nature. It looks like there is a close relationship between him and the natural world. His sculptures are a feast of delights in shapes and features. Rusty metal becomes a combination of elegance and a representation of the force of nature. “I’ve always been inspired by lines, movements and curves in every form of art…, Rick stated.

Rick complies with his customers’ requests but feels that his creativity is unleashed while finishing a tattoo. It’s then that he has room for creativity as it’s time to apply his personal touch and technique to wrap up. TV presenters, foreign visitors and Alex Nardini, the eminent Italian tattoo artist and more recently, a trapeze artist from the Circus of Samoa stopped at Rick’s studio to create memories, from yakuza-style tattoos with mythological figures, mysterious dragons to avantgarde and geometric ones.

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By: A.V-TAYER, 4th of May 2017. Mauritius.