Nou Le Morne festival

Exhibitions, Shows, Concerts, Workshops, Trail running…. happening tomorrow in Le Morne Village!

This week-end Le Morne village is hosting a cultural festival gathering local and foreign artists. Among various cultural activities, there will be a live concert with well-known local artists such as Eric Triton, Patyatann, Menwar, Frico Labelle and guest artist from Reunion Island, Maya Kamaty.

You can still book your tickets on The funds will go to the charity organisation ADM (Action Developpement Le Morne), a non- governmental organisation highly involved in building communities through education, training and personal development programs.

Other activities happening tomorrow, 25 th of August, will be trail running: 10km and 20km race starting early morning and a fun 4km family run through the hunting ground of Le Petit Morne. The setting up of a Green Village is on its way: the Green Village is an eco-friendly art and cultural centre aiming to gather the local community and visitors for leisure and creative activities.

Come and enjoy the natural and cultural beauty and diversity of what Le Morne has to offer! This day also commemorates the abolition of slavery.

AIM. August 2018. Mauritius.


25th of August – Nou Le Morne

06.30am – L’Embrasure

” Liberty Trail ” (10 km + 20km)

Fee : Rs 50.

10H – Fun Run/Funwalk (4 km)

Fee : Rs 250. Registration on the day.

09.30am – Le Morne Village


Clean Up with Project Rescue Ocean

Fancy fair (local folklore, entertainment, F&B)

Nautical activities with Ninja and Ti Regate

Musical and artistic activities with Kartel and Raffiki

5.00pm- Green Village/ Coteau Raffin

Contemporary Dance by Omada dance Company (A take on Mauritian History in 3 scenes featuring children from the Le Morne Village).

Music with Babani Sound System, Emelyn, Eric Triton, Flasbak, Frico Labelle, Fusional Mind, Matrix, Maya Kamaty, Menwar, Patyatann.


Earth From Above by Yann Arthus-Bertrand.

F&B, craft market and more…

More Festival Goodies

Food court, local and traditional cuisine

made in Le Morne Village

Ephemeral Art Gallery by Wallart: Mauritian artists celebrate Le Morne and its values of freedom:

Evan Sohun, Brigitte Aberland, Simon Back, Keivan Cadinouche, Mario Guillot, Chloe Ip, Brian Lamoureux, Patrick Laverdant, Kendy Mangra, Deanna de Marigny, Olivier Vignaud, Dévid, Odette Bombardier

The proposed works will be sold for the benefit of ADM