Top 10 Beaches To Visit In Mauritius

Top 10 Beaches To Visit In Mauritius

It was once said that Mauritius has been blessed by the gods … . And seeing all these beautiful beaches, one can only confirm these claims .
This little gem lost in the heart of the Indian Ocean is still more than a dream with these turquoise waters that instill such diamond dust at the slightest glimmer of the sun.
Here are the top 10 beaches in no particular order. They all deserved a visit if you are on the island.
The beach of Péreybère 

  • 1 The beach of Péreybère
    Great location in the north of the island, this beach is the most popular with Mauritians and tourists. From your first contact with the hot and fine sand, soon you will forget it is a small beach. It’s blue turquoise lagoon is bordered by a few villas and large Casuarina trees overlooking the beach. There is a large green area,ideal for picnis and restaurants and bars and public toilets nearby. It also has a small car park but on the week-ends you need to get there early in order to get a spot on the beach.
    The Mont Choisy Beach 

  • 2 The Mont Choisy Beach
  • A few kilometers away while staying north along the coast to the south, one cannot miss the Mont Choisy beach. One of the most important beaches in terms of space is already a main reason this beach attract many. However, it has nothing to envy compared to the other beaches. The Mont Choisy Beach is the most preferred choice for locals. On the week-end, the Mauritian culture and ways is well presented in forms of family picnics, music etc. With some local hawkers of every kind, you will find happiness in drinking a fresh coconut or pickled pineapple.Flic en Flac beach

  • 3 Flic en Flac beach
    Flic en Flac is a beach that needs no introduction. The one we consider to be the longest beach id perfect for a nice walk with friends or family. Protected by its own coral reef, snorkeling promises to be magical.
    Pointe d'Esny beach

  • 4 Pointe d’Esny beach
    When harmony is synonymous with paradise … Lost somewhere in the south, the beach of Pointe d’Esny, is just a marvel that revives you right away with gentleness and tranquility. Also renowned for its kitesurfing spot, fans will be more than spoiled there from May to September. The show promises to be colourful.
    Le Morne beach

  • 5 Le Morne beach
    Nestled at the foot of Mount Le Morne which is rich in history and secrets, this beach is beautifully situated between two renowned hotels overlooking a breathtaking view of Le Morne mountain. Like Pointe D’Esny, it is also popular with kitesurfers and windsurfers, and the sunbathing and swimming is of course extremely nice here.
    La Cuvette beach

  • 6 La Cuvette beach
    A very unusual color to the beach of Mauritius, which combines folklore and some modernizing touches. La Cuvette is a medium sized area between 100 and 200 meters long, with a clear blue lagoon. Some trees to shelter against the sun, especially at midday, big rocks to sit on, and a view of the catamarans along the coast to the northern islands.
    The Belle Mare Beach 

  • 7 The Belle Mare Beach
    White sandy beach with a deep blue lagoon on the east coast, The Belle Mare is considered one of the most beautiful beaches of the island and like almost all the beloved beaches of Mauritius, it is particularly loved for it calmness. Sunrise there is Epic! Just bring your towel to soak up the sun and enjoy the transparent and turquoise water in peace.
    Ile Aux Cerfs beach 

  • 8 Ile Aux Cerfs beach
    To enjoy this exotic tropical paradise, you will be requested to go to Trou d’eau Douce , Pointe Maurice, for the boat transfer. Beautiful beach, the waters of an impressive clarity, a small sandy beach where you can let yourself go with laziness and fun under the big palm trees and Casuarinas. You can also enjoy loads of water activities and Island restaurant. It also holds one of the best golf courses of Mauritius!
    La Cambuse beach 

  • 9 La Cambuse beach
    La Cambuse is a long beach that is located in the southeast of Mauritius. Still has a feel of wilderness as its not frequented by too many people. The white sandy beach extends hundreds of meters and bordered with Casuarina trees that offers a pleasant shade from the hot sun. However, the east side of the island is exposed to the wind.
    La Poste Lafayette Beach

  • 10 La Poste Lafayette Beach
    La Poste Lafayette is a medium sized beach not frequented by too many locals. Poste Lafayette offers a peaceful and calm environment. Having kept its simplicity, this place offers a small clear lagoon, very suitable for everybody. The fine sand, the rocky stretch makes it ideal for a little fishing party between family or friends. Poste Lafayette is on the East coast of the Island as well.