True Colours of India in Mauritius

Bharati Show presents The Palace of Illusions

Bharati 2

More than fifty Indian performers draped in the most beautiful costumes presented the Palace of Illusions at the Convention Centre in Pailles, Mauritius.

The energetic dancers took us on a journey across India with amazing projections and live music. It tells the story of the adventure of two sisters in India. The two-hour show allowed the spectators to see modern and rural India. Creativity went beyond choreography as the show was presented in French! The hall was full of spectators, expats, Mauritians, visitors…

The troupe has travelled the world with their first show Once upon a time and this new show The Palace of Illusions is just as amazing. More than 2.5 million spectators have viewed their shows.

By: A.V-TAYER.July 2017.Mauritius.