Welcome to the new gym on the west coast!


SPARC opened this year in Cascavelle behind the mall. It can be accessed by foot from the main road or by car at the entrance on Flic en Flac road. It boasts a large gym with brand-new equipment, a huge pool, a café, tennis courts, football pitches, a basket-ball ground and a medical centre.

If you are on holidays, you can take a day pass at 450MUR per person presentation of your passport.  Classes are held almost all day long raging from Zumba to yoga classes.

We tested for you. We picked the 30-min full-body work-out with Julien, a professional sports coach. The class was full and fortunately air-conditioned as it was a very hot day. It was an intensive session, series crunches, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, v-holds etc… We also tested the yoga session. A full-hour of breathing exercises and simple postures, we badly needed this meditative class after a hectic year. Our favourite was the Bollywood Dance class with Benjamin Munbodh. He is full of communicative energy and we burnt hundreds of calories in this session.

To join as a member, you should register for a full-year membership. Rates differ from single to family membership.

Brought to you by AIM. Mauritius. December 2018.