Wild South – Tea route

You’ll definitely enjoy the picturesque tea
route whether you decide to go along the west coast through Tamarin (Salt
Route) down to Le Morne (Slave Route) then to Riambel and drive through
Souillac to Saint Aubain where you can enjoy the restaurant and visit the tea
factory of Bois Cheri and its tea plantations and drive up to Curepipe and stop
at Domaine Les Aubineaux or start on the plateau and drive down through the old
road of Nouvelle France and to Bois Cheri.


The first option is certainly the best one
but it might not be very convenient if you are staying in the north or in the
east. The first option combines mountain and ocean vistas over kilometres with
authentic settings and you can stop by the Tamarin Bay or further down at Amba
Filao in Le Morne enclave for a Flying Dodo beer. As we drove through the tea
and sugar cane fields on leaving Bois Cheri Tea factory, we spotted a local
restaurant Comlone, up in La Flora. We had such an enjoyable meal. They have
plenty of fish and sea food option. The restaurant overlooks the tea fields, so
make sure you get a table by the window. It’s a bit crowded and noisy on
Sundays and you might have to wait a while for your meal, but that should not
exceed 15/20 minutes while you sip your drink.


You might also wish to stop at La Vanille
Crocodile Park as you entered Souillac, in Riviere des Anguilles. The Park also
houses other species: frogs, lizards, iguanas and a museum.


We’d advise that you start that trip early
morning as it might last 6-8 hours, unless you decide to visit only one
particular spot on that route.

Enjoy your ride!


More about the Mauritian tea soon!


Information: Comlone Restaurant

Road, Nouvelle France

                                        £5 – 10
per person


Brought to you by AIM. May 2018.